Transmission Channeling of Mother Mary Holy Spirit and Saint Germain,

also known as Saint  Joseph,

the father of Jesus the Christ

*Bringing the Joy of

Holy Mother Mary Holy Spirit*


Channeling is an altered state of consciousness where a Spirit Being utilizes the body of the channeler as a vehicle for communication with the earthly realm. Various forms of trance have been present in many cultures throughout history.The well recorded body of work through Edgar Cayce in the trance state, manifested over

a 45-year period, represents some of the finest examples of trance channeling. 

Ari started to have Mother Mary visitations in her body in 2016.

Those experiences were developed into transmission channeling beautiful essence of Mother Mary, Holy Spirit.  

Mother Mary's energy is very refined, very joyful and loving. 

Mother Mary comes first and she gives healing and than Saint Germain comes to speak, answer questions, brings teachings. 


If you desire to experience the joy of Holy Mother and receive her healing than  contact Ari directly. 

Each session is a very unique experience.